Unicornbag – Type 4T + injection port (100 pieces)


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Dimensions: 46 x 10 cm

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Mushroom bags from Unicornbags in the USA are some of the best-selling and highest quality in the industry. As an official distributor, we can offer you the best conditions and comprehensive advice.

The injection port allows easy and sterile introduction of mushroom spores or cultures into the bag. This simplifies the growing process and improves the success rate.

The standard range includes the following bag types:

Type 4 (46 x 10 cm)
Type 10 (46 x 13.5 cm)
Type 3 | 14 (48 x 20 cm)
Type XLS (60 x 24 cm)
Type XLS HORIZON (60 x 24 cm)

There are also the bags with injection port and T filter:

4T with injection port
10T with injection port
3T with injection port
XLS HORIZON with injection port

We also have slightly modified versions in our range:

Type XLS-B 19″ (48 x 24 cm)
Type XLS-B 21″ (53.5 x 24 cm)
Type 3TL | 14AL (56 x 20 cm)

Each bag type is available with three different filters:

A filter (0.5 µm)
B filter (5.0 µm)
T filter (0.2 µm)

Depending on the application, we can recommend the following filter types:

Substrate production
B filter, T filter or A filter
Depending on the production process, all three filter types can achieve good results. We ourselves use only bags with B filter in our production. This filter is suitable for very clean environments. The increased gas exchange ensures optimal growth.

T filter

Detailed information about Unicornbags products can be found in the catalogue by using this link.


Type 4Type 10Type 3 | 14Type XLSType XLS HORIZONType XLS (19″)Type XLS (21″)Type 3TL | 14AL
A10 cm13.5 cm20 cm24 cm24 cm24 cm24 cm20 cm
B46 cm46 cm48 cm60 cm60 cm48 cm53,5 cm56 cm
C3.5 cm6 cm6 cm6.5 cm6.5 cm6.5 cm6.5 cm6 cm
D27 cm26 cm31 cm37 cm42 cm25 cm32 cm39 cm
F13.8 cm3.8 cm3.8 cm5 cm15 cm3.8 cm5 cm3.8 cm
F23.8 cm3.8 cm3.8 cm7 cm5 cm3.8 cm7 cm3.8 cm

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Weight1,6 kg

T filter


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Unicornbag – Type 4T + injection port (100 pieces)
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